Principle of quality - commit to quality; win by competition; 

Trying to win at every step enables Yongjia to go a long way. Enterprise’s success or failure lies in quality. Yongjia people pursue excellence in quality from quality control to production control. The commercial age that is experiencing rapid development contributes to the powerful competitiveness of Yongjia people. 

Principle of talent 

commit to career; become smart by concentration;

Make the best of talents and give play to the wisdom of people

Since establishment, Yongjia has been committed to the introduction of talents and team construction. Our company has been implementing personnel management through perspective outlook and unique business concept, and striving to implement the management strategy of people oriented. 

Guided by the service faith of “fine workmanship gives play to sincerity”, Yongjia people have been committed to turning out products with professional, devoted and wholehearted effort. Full devotion leads to outstanding products. Good faith contributes to reliable service.   

Road of service - devoted; good faith; 



Guangdong Yongjia Underwear Material Co., Ltd., formerly known as Shantou Yongjia Underwear Accessories Co., Ltd., was founded in 1998 in Chaonan District, Shantou - one of the famous cities for the Chinese production bases for underwear, which enjoys advantageous location and supported by industrial chain. 

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Guangdong Yongjia Underwear Material Technology Co., Ltd.—its predecessor, “Shantou Yongjia Underwear Accessories Co., Ltd.” was founded in 1998 and is located in Chaonan District, Shantou, one of Chi
Introduction of clothing accessories
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Clothing accessories selection and characteristics
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